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D11012 William Bryant Signed Card 3 ¾” 2 ¾” -  William Cullen
Bryant (1794 – 1878) was born in Cummington, Mass. and died in New
York City.  He was an American poet and newspaper editor.  The son of
a learned and highly respect physician, Bryant was exposed to English
poetry in his father’s vast library.  As a young boy, he became devoted to
the New England countryside and was a keen observer of nature.  His
early poems “celebrated the majesty of nature” in a way that was
influenced by English romantics but also reflected personal simplicity
and dignity.  William practiced law in Great Barrington, Mass. until
1825, when he went to New York City.  He became associate editor of the
New York Evening Post in 1826, and from 1829 until his death he was
part owner and editor in chief.  He was a defender of human rights and
an advocate of free trade, abolition of slavery, and other reforms.  In his
Lecture on Poetry, (delivered 1825; published 1884) and other critical
essays he stressed the values of simplicity, original imagination, and
morality.  Curing his later career Bryant traveled widely, made many
publis speeches and continued to write many poems.  $75