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D11054  9th Mass. Artillery Letter  2 pages, 8 vo, Dated April 8th
1865. Letter in pencil by David Brett,  $100   

Alaxandria V.A. Apl 8/65
My Dear Wife
I am well as usual yours was duly Recd am sorry to hear of
Sarahs Death was in hopes to meet my frends all well but cannot
help it we are now in this place or 25 of us come by water with all
of the heavy baggage we came away Last Wednesday had a
pleasant time on the water the rest of the battery are on the way
by Land we are in camp back of the city and Expect to remain
until the troops arrive and then we all expect to be sent home
which I think will be the first of June perhaps sooner am going to
have a pass tomorrow to Washington Love to All
May 10th All well I am in F Aames office in Washington
D Brett

David Brett

Residence North Bridgewater MA; a 43 year-old Farmer.

Enlisted on 7/23/1862 as a Private.

On 8/10/1862 he mustered into MA 9th Light Artillery
He was Mustered Out on 6/6/1865 at Galloup's Island, Boston,

This was a nice Gettysburg Unit

Accompanying the army in its northward march, on July 2,
1863, it reached Gettysburg, and about 4 P.M. was placed in
position near the Wheatfield road about 300 yards south of the
Trostle farm buildings.  Here it assisted in staying the tide
of Longstreet's attack, firing by prolonge as it was forced to
retire across the field, and finally in a last stand in the
Trostle farm yard lost over 50 horses and was forced to
temporarily abandon four of its guns.  These, however, were
brought off the field by the infantry after nightfall.  The
loss in personnel was 11 officers and men killed and mortally   
wounded, and sixteen surviving wounded, among the latter being
Captain Bigelow.

On the following day the remnant of the battery under
Lieutenant Milton, consisting of two guns, was engaged at
Zeigler's Grove on Cemetery Hill losing five more horses.