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Have you ever bought a Fake image? All of us who
deal in images have made mistakes.  When I was a
younger guy, I occasionally bought fake images.   I
did this out of ignorance. A couple of  those images
are on this page.  I think of them as my degree in
images.  When I graduated from college they handed
me a diploma.  When I graduated from the image
school of hard knocks, I got box full of fakes that I
wasted money on.  Dealing with reputable dealers
can save you lots of pain and expense.  
That said, lets have some fun here.  Some of the images on this page are the
real deal, others are modern fakes or reproductions.  Look at the
image.....decide whether you think it is real or fake....then click on the
image for the answer.  Hope you have some fun and I hope it saves you
some future pain!
Here is a link to the website of a modern collodion
Artist.  This gentleman is an honest man.  Study his
images to avoid being stung by someone passing off
his images as period work.
Here is a Bonus Image for you!