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Ft. Riley Kansas letter 1874 1page, 4 to. Not Signed by Jones.  

Office, A.A.Q.M.
Fort Riley, Ks. January 29/74

Mr. E.L. Kupfer has been in the employ of the Governm’t as a
clerk under my direction since December 16th 1873, and I take
pleasure in recommending him to any one desirous of obtaining his
He was transferred to me by Capt. A.S. Kimball, A.Q.M. with the
best of recommendations, and has performed his duties well and
faithfully while with me.
I regret losing his services, but the low state of the Government
Appropriations compels his discharge with many other civilian
employees. He is a good and capable accountant and will give
entire satisfaction to anyone desiring the services of such a man.
He is thoroughly reliable – his honesty, sobriety and gentlemanly
deportment having established this fact during his employ at this

                          (sig.) Francis B. Jones
                                   Lieut. 3d Inf. A.A.Q.M.

A true copy
A.F. Rockwell
Capt., A.Q.M., U.S.A.