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Tuesday, June 14, 2011 my father M.A. Medhurst went to be with the
Lord.  He was all a son or daughter could ask of a father.  While it is
impossible to capture the essence of such a great man in a few words I
will give you a small sample.

Dad was a Korean War Veteran who spent most of his service time in
Austria.  He always told people he kept the Koreans out of Austria.

In 1965 he started a business in his basement.  Not a part time
business,  but rather this was to be our livelihood.  He had a wife, two
very young boys and not much money.  While we did not have a lot we
always had all we needed and more love in our house than most.  One
day we literally spent our last dollar. Dad was the ultimate positive
thinker.  He was certain that a customer who owed us money would
pay soon.  So we went to the Dairy Queen and bought Dilly bars with
the last of the money.  His favorite saying was “Jehovah Jirah”—the
Lord will provide.  By the way....he did.

When my mother was bedridden with cancer and I was still a teenager
he nursed her while maintaining his business at home.  My mother
passed away long before her time and after 27 years of marriage.  Dad
eventually would marry the world's most wonderful woman whom he
was married to for the next 35 years.  I gained a stepmother and a
sister in the deal and it was the best deal that ever went down at my

My friends were always welcome and still are at the home where I
grew up.  My stepmother Odean and my father liked to see my friends
as much as seeing me.  How cool is that!  When I was in high school
they even kept certain foods around just because my friends liked it.

My dad sent my brother, myself and my sister to private colleges, all
paid for by the business he started in 1965. In the end we collectively
ended up with 3 bachelor's degrees, three master's degrees and a

My love of collecting came directly from my father.  Every weekend
we would go to the farm auctions in Illinois where we lived.  Dad
would spend about as little  as possible and come home with a station
wagon full of wasn't always the finest material but
sometimes he hit gold.  Later he amassed some wild collections such as
heavyweight boxing autographs, photos of midgets, a collection of
material related to fallen evangelists, a room full of animal mounts
and volumes of  books.  Once while still a teen I was at an auction with
him and I bought all the stained glass windows out of a church...
without telling him...surprise, surprise. He loved to check this website
to see what I was posting.  

The last several years of his life were tough as his body was ravaged
by diabetes and other ailments.  Odean gave up her freedom to care
for him and loved him more than I can express.  Her love was
unconditional and amazing.

In early June 2011 we admitted dad to the hospital.  Between bouts of
extreme pain he cracked jokes and kept all of us talking about his wit.
adly, we learned that the road ahead for him was bleak.  We took
him home from the hospital where he died as he desired, in his home
surrounded by those who loved him.  

Although he made his living machining parts for foundry machines,
Maurice Medhurst made his life in the church.  A devout follower of
Jesus Christ, Dad was a long-time Sunday School teacher, deacon, and
church worker.  He served the Lord by serving his neighbor, and a
neighbor was anyone who stopped by the shop or needed his help.  He
gave generously of his time and substance to many Christian

I think it is safe to say that all who knew him misses him.
Maurice Medhurst 1930-2011