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Mike Medhurst founded Medhurst & Company in 1985.  Mike has been
actively buying and selling antiques for more than 30 years.  By the time he
was in high school Mike was buying antiques for local dealers.

Graduating with a B.S. from Wheaton College,  Mike opened his own
antique business in 1985 and was soon dealing primarily in historic
documents and autographs from the Civil War era.  Mike later completed
his MS from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and by 1992 the
business had become more keenly focused on  Civil War and pre-Civil War
images, documents and autographs.

Medhurst & Company buys and sells images at numerous national Civil
War and photography shows each year. We have the largest inventory of
daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and tintypes in the Midwest and are well
known for selling high quality Civil War images of every variety. Mike is
listed among the reputable and recommended dealers in the 1993 book
Collecting Autographs and Manuscripts by noted autograph expert Charles
Hamilton (see page 382).

Many of the top collectors of Civil War and pre-Civil War photography
and documents count us as a valuable resource to supply them with
outstanding material. Images we have sold have been displayed at noted  
large art museums (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Chicago Art
Institute, Nelson-Atkins, Library of Congress etc.) and we are a source for
many of the nation's top private and public collections.

Our services were a major part of a multi-million dollar purchase made by
the National Park Service.  The Park Service also had us complete another
appraisal for them involving a major collection of  Civil War material.

Professional membership: The Daguerreian Society
Since we started the business Linda has been a behind the scenes force.  
She has described images, kept the books and she is the shipping
department.  So....all those nice compliments I've been getting about  
packing...well...they should actually be directed to Linda. She is a true
shipping professional.
Nate has moved from KC to NYC while he continues to grow his career.
He makes an  occasional trip to a Civil War or Photo show.
M.A. Medhurst
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