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Links to Websites
Below you will find links to sites that may be of interest to
you.  I've had great experiences with each of these dealers.
The Waters Family- Fine
is the premier site for
daguerreotypes collectors. Fresh and fantastic
images are uploaded every two weeks. Don't
miss the Antechamber page.  This page is
posted by Erin Waters who has a great eye.  The
page is typically full of  other photography
formats for the discerning collector or the
dealer wishing to turn a profit.
 Frohne's Historic Military

Perry Frohne is an expert in Civil War
paper photography.
 This site is a great
place to start if you are interested in
images from the Civil War and Indian
Wars period.
Jim Stanley &
Jim is a wonderful
trustworthy guy.  He carries a
great variety of Civil War
related material.
War Between The States
is operated by Len Rosa.  Len
is no stranger to serious Civil War collectors.
His site is known for its quality. This site
features a full line of original albumens,
ambrotypes, cabinet cards, cdv's, stereo views,
tintypes and other Civil War period ephemera.
Len's inventory includes something for the
beginner as well as the advanced collector!
Jeff Kraus Photographic

Jeff has all kinds of antique
photographic images on his site.  
He also sells viewers and
books.  You'll have loads of fun
exploring his well populated
site .  There is something for
everyone here.

The Veteran's Attic is the site of Vann
Martin who sells a little of everything
including photos.  He is a leading dealer of
Civil War Badges.  You'll not find a more
upstanding guy than Vann.  I know you will
enjoy getting to know him.

Museum Quality Americana is a website run
by  Cal Packard.   Cal offers high  quality
historical artifacts and documents for sale
and has over  40 years experience buying and
selling items of historical significance
from the French and Indian War through
WWII with emphasis on the American Civil
Greg French Early Photography

Greg is one of the good guys in this
business.  He has top flight images, is
honest and always a pleasure.  You
will not regret getting to know him and
his website.

Here is a site by my friend Ben Pauley.  Ben collects a
bit of everything and he is a person you can trust.  
Enjoy his site!

The Daguerreian Society
Ddedicated to the history, science, and art of
the daguerreotype is the domain
of Matt and Elaine Cranford.  
While Matt has not been a
dealer for that many years his
expertise and keen eye have
allowed him to procure some
of the most powerful images
available on the market.  You
will want to visit this site to
see what great items might be
popping up for sale.
a gallery of inadvertent art

This site is both a showcase for
the Nigel Maister collection and is
also a site for selling images.
Check it out, you will enjoy the
experience and you will enjoy
getting to know Nigel.
The Burns Archive is a
great place to explore
photography and to
learn.  Check it out!
Do you subscribe to Military
Images? If not here is a link to