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07203 Western
Character Tin
My Sod House and
Rifle Cab Card
Father and
Sons Cab
My Brother
Cab Card
Cowboy in
Action Cab Card
Cowboy on Mule
Imperial Cab Card
Riding the
#10234 1/6 Tin
Fence line
Dear Auntie  Real
Photo Postcard
Men and Boys by
Wagon Cab Card
Indian Pony Fort
Klamath, Oregon
Cowboy on Ranch
with Little Girl
Cab Card
Washington Hotel
Wagon 1870 CDV
#11005 Packing
Canoes Stereo
#11063  Men,
Horses, Rifle,
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#11170 Horse
and Men on
Parade Cab Card
#11178 Men and
Mize House  Cab
#11145 Indian
Women in the
Stereoview Expedition of
11315 American
Indian 1/8 Tin
and Insurance
11415 The Bank  
Cab CardAgency
11407 Fort Heyden  
Cross-eyed in
Cripple Creek
Cab Card
11527 Fort
Bridger WY 3  
Cabinet Card
11620 Miller
Territory Cab
11634 Dakota Territory-
The Lime Kiln  Stereo
11635 Black Cap Butte -
Dakota Territory Stereo
11628 Downtown Yankton
11629 View On Cheyenne
River  Stereo
12185 “Williams
Canon Near the
Cave,” A W.H.
12186 Chipeta
Falls Black
Canon-Cab Card
12183 - “Toltec
Boudoir Card
12184 - “Grave of M.
M on Cheyenne
Mountain”  A
Boudoir Card
12077 Butcher
and His Boy  
Cab Card
12081 Mining
Crew Boudoir
12187 “Gateway and
Pike’s Peak,”  W.H.
Jackson Boudoir
12189 Curricanti
Needle, Black Canon
By W. H. Jackson
Boudoir Card
12188 - W.H. Jackson
Seal Bear and
Pikes Peak and
Boudoir card
12471 Pike’s Peak
From Dark Canon  
Boudoir card
12473 Pyramids
Garden of the Gods
Boudoir card
12455 The
Colorado Kid
12573 Sheriff of Billings
13203 The (California Rabbit) Kill
13399 Men, Dog,
and a Winchester
Cab Card
09058 The
Wide Brimmed
Cheyennes CDV
14035 Sioux
14358  Native
Americans CDV
14151 The
Whip  1/9
14575 Illinois
Cowboy CDV
16145  Tuba and His Band on
Moin Coppee an Arizona  
16228 Indians at Fort
Marion Stereoview
16196 Salt Lake
City  CDV
16403  W. F.
“Buffalo Bill”
Cody  CDV
Mountain Man  
CDV Sized Tin
17066 Cowboy
2” x 3 1/4" Tin
17125 "Indian Warriors and
Tepees, Buffalo Bill's Wild
West." Cab Card
17193 Santa Bonita
Ranch Stereo
17194 Sherman
Ranch  Stereo
17195 Cowboy  Stereo
17369  Osh-
gosh –Kaw
Brave  CDV
17414 Major Domo and
Glen Eyrie Boudoir
17415 Azur Cliffs on the Green
River Cab  Card BY W.H. Jackson
17508 Stagecoach
Robbery  Boudoir card
17521 Republic Mine
Michigan  Stereoview
18010 Suspended
Bridge in the Royal
Gorge  Boudoir
card by the W. H.
18197 Arizona
Portrait  Cabinet
18350  Narrows,
Cheyenne Canon
Boudoir Card
18351  Western
Carriage & Horses
Boudoir Card
18526  Signal Station Summit
Pike’s Peak Cabinet Card
18524  Wheeler Expedition of
1874 Stereo
18614  Colorado Silver
Bricks Stereo
18683  Home of
Indian Captive Mrs.
Mary Draper Inglis
18736 Ruins of Montezuma’s
Temple, Garden of the Gods
Boudoir Card
18737 Pike’s Peak Railroad,
Halfway House Boudoir Card
18738  Pikes Peak Steam
Engine View  Boudoir Card
18739  Professor Johnstone,
The Celebrated Mind Reader,
Blindfolded  Boudoir Card
18740  Seven Falls,
Cheyenne Canon
Boudoir Card
19018  Western Town
View  Stereoview
19079  El Paso Texas Ox
Cart with Dog Cab Card
19341  Four
Western Horse
1/6 Ambro
19455  Settlers  
Whole Plate Tin
19456 Northern Saloon Ione,
Nevada Whole Plate Tin
19011 Pony
Express rider
William Fisher?
1/6 Ruby Ambro
20136 Scaffold Yankton
Reservation Dakota Territory
16453  Chief
Wunagisa, Son of
Keokuk, leader of
the Sac and Fox
Cab Card
21048 Indian
Territory Kids Cab
21057 Gun
Slinging Cowboy
Oversized ¼
Plate Tin