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William Campbell Preston Breckinridge
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William Campbell Preston Breckinridge Cabinet Card Breckinridge was a lawyer and Democratic politician from Kentucky; a U.S. Representative from 1885 to 1895. He was a scion of the Breckinridge political family: grandson of Senator John Breckinridge, and first cousin of Vice President John C. Breckinridge. After the Civil War, William Breckinridge renounced the views that had led him to fight for the Confederacy and became an advocate of racial equality.

The sooner Americans rid themselves of cruel racists in their midst, he said, "the sooner they will realize that their institutions are in no danger, their civilization is not at stake, and that their permanent and practical undisputed sway can not be overturned." He opposed literacy tests and other means of black disfranchisement, in the hopes that someday, "all races might enjoy a common liberty secured by an imperial law Front marked C.M. Bee Washington, DC.

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