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Ft. Hayes Kansas Letter
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Ft. Hayes Kansas letter 1870 1 1/4 pages, 4 to, not signed by Kimball. Some fold faults present. A nice letter from a great Western Fort.

Quartermaster’s Office Fort Hays, Ks. May 31, 1870
To whom it may concern

The Bearer, E.L. Kupfer has been in my employ as abstract clerk, for nearly two years. He is intelligent, industrious, accurate, reliable, honest, and in every way fitted for a first class clerical position. His only failing or rather misfortune being deafness, ordinary conversation not being intelligible, unless communicated through an ear trumpet.

As a Bookkeeper and corresponding clerk or in any clerical capacity where his duties would consist of journalising accounts or reducing to writing the ideas of his employer, he would have no superior.

He understands surveying thoroughly and is a good draughtsman.This recommendation is given to Mr. Kupfer to enable him to procure a position in civil life suited to his taste, in which it is confidently believed he would give entire satisfaction, insuring to himself permanency.
sg’ A.S. Kimball
Capt. & Asst. Q.M. USA

Atrue copy
A.F. Rockwell
Capt. & A.Q.M., USA

(on reserve of 2nd page:
"K21 War Dep’t./A’B/1876
825, A,B, A,C,P, 1876”)

(Almon F. Rockwell Civil War, 1861-1865, Lt. Col. by Brevet Mar 13, 1865 & Mar 2, 1867. Q.M. Dept., Jan 1867 – Feb 1897, Ret’d Feb 11, 1897, Capt. Rockwell was in charge of constructing the stone buildings at Fort Larnet, KS between 1867-68.)
(Amos Samuel Kimball Civil War, Nov 1861-Nov 1866, Capt. A.Q. USA, Nov. 19, 1866, Maj., Q.M., Oct 11, 1883, Lt. Col., D.Q.M.G., Dec 31, 1894, Col. A.Q.M.G., Nov 13, 1898, Brig. Gen. Oct 1, 1902, Ret’d Oct. 2, 1902. Kimball was a friend of Custer’s during hisKansas years. Found in the "Emporia News” Aug. 20, 1869, news from Americus dated Aug. 11, 1869. "Gen. Geo. A. Custer and Capt. Amos S. Kimball bought 35 lots in Americus last week.”)
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