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Clown - Cropped CDV of Billy Andrews dressed in a floral-patterned clown’s outfit and leaning merrily against a chair. He has one hand on his hip, and the other holds his floppy

ANDREWS, BILLY. (1840?-Dec. 9, 1895) Clown. Orton Bros.’, 1865-68; John W. Robinson’s (not "Old John”), 1870; Wootten & Haight, 1871; Great Eastern, 1872; North American Circus (Asa B. Stow, manager), 1873; partner with Wootten for a circus troupe, 1873; Basye’s, 1879; returned from retirement to fill engagement with the St. Louis Circus, winter 1879-80; press agent and clown, Thornton’s, 1880; clown, Shelby, Pullman & Hamilton, 1881. Wife was Lotino Andrews. Died in Kankakee, IL, at the insane asylum.
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