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Salvation Army Woman Wearing the Crest Pin
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Salvation Army Woman Wearing the Crest Pin - Cabinet card of a woman known as a "salvationist.” She is wearing the crest pin of the Salvation Army, which is it’s oldest symbol. Marked Fornell Studio, Worcester, Mass.

The Army's crest contains Biblical references though its

The sun with its rays represents the light and fire of the Holy
Spirit. (Matthew 3:11)
The cross represents the cross of Jesus on which He died as a
sacrifice for our sins. (Romans 3:25)
The letter "S" represents the salvation which is available to
all people through Jesus Christ. (John 3:16-17)
The crossed swords represent God's Word (Hebrews 4:12).
God's Word is the Christian's weapon in the salvation war
(the war against Satan and evil).
The Gospel shots (Psalm 119:160) represent the basic truths
of the Gospel; there are 7 in all.
1 – The existence of a Holy God; 2 – The evil of sin are
against God and man; 3 – There will be punishment for sin
that is fair and everlasting; 4 – Jesus died on the cross for the
human race; 5 – Salvation is for all mankind and is free to all
who accept Jesus Christ; 6 – It is the responsibility of every
Christian to do whatever they can do to spread the Gospel; 7
– God rewards those who are faithful with eternal life in
Heaven with Him.

The words "Blood and Fire" as the "war cry" of the
Salvation Army. It is Jesus' blood that washes us clean from
sin and it is the fire of the Holy Spirit that makes us pure and
helps us live lives that are pleasing to God.
The crown represents the "Crown of Life and Glory" which
God will give to all those who have been faithful to Him
(James 1:12).
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