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C.D. Kendall 11th Missouri - I am Officer of the Day
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East Point, Miss.

January 28th 1865

Mrs. C D Kendall

Flora, Ill's

Dear Villa,

I have a headache this evening so you must not expect a long letter. This is my evening to write, or I'd put it off until I felt better. I think I have taken cold again, it is so very cold here. If it is any colder up there I don't know how you stand it unless you stay close by the fire all the time. I am Officer of the Day today and have been busy directing the building of houses for the guards. I will be relieved in the morning. We received another mail to day but there was no letter for me. Just think Villa, it is now 25 days since the date of your last letter received. That is a long time to me Villa but I am not going to scold nor chide you for you may have written a dozen letters since then and they failed to reach me. Will think that you have written for I don't think my little wife to forget and neglect her soldier boy. If I could only know you were well I would not feel that anxiety.

I do know Dear as your letters are to me I would try and feel hopeful and cheerful always, though they failed to reach me once or twice a week, if I could only know you were well. I do love to receive your letters, Villa. One every day would be such a comfort. It is next to seeing you to read one of your letters and they have been few and far between this month, only one received this month & this the 28th. I do hope that I will receive one now before the month is out Capt. Cleland (W. Clelland, later Major of the Regiment) has received six this month. I think it very curious that my letters miscarry so. Well Villa mine, I hope this letter will reach its destination and find you, my dear wife, enjoying as good health as could be expected.

Villa, you wrote me not to tell Maj. Green (Modesta J. Green, later Lt. Colonel of the Regiment) about ( ____ you know). Well, I have not & I do not think I shall very soon. I think Mrs. Clelland has hinted something to the Capt. by a remark he made to me not long since. Of course it will be known some time, and I don't know who has a better right to have (b. s.) than ourselves-yourself. I should have said Villa, you must write me a long letter and tell me how you are getting along, and if you feel very sorry about you being caught. Don't you feel glad sometimes, Come, tell the truth and say yes. Were it not for your suffering I know you would be glad & would also. But dear Villa when I think of what you will suffer my heart aches for you. Oh! How I hope and pray all will be well.

The Adj. has not yet got his leave. If I get sick I will get a sick leave and come home if I don't get paid. All as well, and send regards. Until next time, good bye.

I am as ever your faithful husband,


Mrs. C D Kendall

Flora, Clay County


Cyrus D. Kendall

Residence was not listed; 
Enlisted on 8/1/1861 at St Louis, MO as a 1st Lieutenant.

On 8/1/1861 he was commissioned into "D" Co. MO 11th Infantry He was Mustered Out on 6/18/1864
 (Estimated date of enlistment)

* Capt 

Intra Regimental Company Transfers:
* from company D to company K 

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