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Samuel Morse ALS Pokeepsie, Oct. 19, 1863
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Samuel Morse ALS Pokeepsie, Oct. 19, 1863.

My dear brother, I have but a moment in the midst of innumberable cares to drop you a line in brief answer to your letter. And first on business. The notes of the firm Hyde and Goodrich I sent to Misters Glaenzer & Versepuy in Paris, before the war, I think, or at any rate at a time when I supposed it would be more convenient & sure to have them paid there, than to run the risk of transmitting funds here. I send you enclosed (see enclosed) Mr. Goodrich's memorandum sent me from Paris, and I vouch for the accuracy of the description of the notes. I enclose also a press copy of a letter I addressed by the last steamer to Maj. Gen. Banks, which explains itself and which I was induced to write to propitiate an influence which might be of service to you. I also enclose two of my latest pamphlets, which is just out but is providing some stir. I cannot but hope you will be relieved of your business difficulties soon and with your energy & talent that you will be again in prosperous circumstances. We all think and talk of you a great deal, and you may rest assured that those who are nearest of kin, have not only not abated one jot of their warm affection for you and all your kindred, but if possibly love you in your troubles more warmly than ever. We are all well and each and all send you oceans of love.

By the by when you write your dear mother, don't write of your troubles, write them to me. For some weeks it has affected her so severely that we have even feared for her reason. Your last note to Sarah in its hopeful tone, restored her spirits and she is now as cheerful as usual. God bless you all,

Yo. affec. brother Sam'l F. Morse

P.S. Don't forget kindest remembrances to Mr. Southmayd and all his children.

Addressed to Arthur B. Griswold, Esq., comes with envelope addressed to Griswold at the firm of Griswold and Thomas, New Orleans, La. and Free Franked by Congressman James Brooks. (Griswold was the famous sword and button maker for the Confederacy and Morse's brother-in-law.
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