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Muster Out Roll 5th Ohio Cav
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Muster Out Roll 5th Ohio Cav 20” X 10 ½” Muster out roll for George W. Horner. Though Horner was mustered out at the hospital he managed to live to the age of 80. The Document is signed by Captain Stratton who lost his leg at Chancellorsville as well as a Surgeon.


Dallas Bache

Residence was not listed;

Enlisted on 5/28/1861 as a Asst Surgeon.

On 5/28/1861 he was commissioned into US Army Medical Staff

(date and method of discharge not given)

(Subsequent service in US Army until retiring 01/01/1902)


* Capt 3/13/1865 by Brevet

* Major 3/13/1865 by Brevet

* Surgeon 8/5/1867

Other Information:

born in District Of Columbia

died 6/2/1902

Edward L. Stratton

Residence was not listed; 23 years old.

Enlisted on 8/12/1862 as a Captain.

On 9/4/1862 he was commissioned into "F" Co. NJ 12th Infantry

He was discharged for wounds on 1/3/1864

On 6/4/1865 he was commissioned into Veteran Reserve Corps

(date and method of discharge not given)

He was listed as:

* Wounded 5/3/1863 Chancellorsville, VA (Severe wound in right leg, amputated)


* Major 11/27/1865 by Brevet

* Lt Colonel 11/27/1865 by Brevet

Other Information:

born in 1839

died in 1915

Buried: First Baptist Cemetery, Mullica Hill, NJ

Gravesite: B-2-L-3

After the War he lived in Gloucester County, NJ

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