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Confederate General Henry A. Wise
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Confederate General Henry A. Wise A rare CDV view of Confederate General Henry A. Wise of Virginia. A ardent secessionist and politician prior to the war, Wise would be commissioned a brigadier general at the outbreak of war. His military career would be marred very early on with a dispute with fellow general John B. Floyd who accused Wise of not coming to his aid during the Battle of Carnifex Ferry. The battle would result in a loss for the Confederacy and after some debate Wise was removed from his position in Virginia by Jefferson Davis. He would in turn be assigned to command the District of Roanoke Island. The island would fall into Union hands under his command. He would be blamed for the loss but had inadequate forces at his disposal. He would command a brigade during the Seven Days Battle and for the rest of 1862 and 1863 he would hold various commands throughout both North Carolina and Virginia. Starting in 1864 he would command a brigade in the Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia. Wise and his brigade would be credited with saving the city of Petersburg during the First Battle of Petersburg and to some degree even the Second Battle of Petersburg. During the final stages of the collapse of Petersburg he would command a brigade in the Army of Northern Virginia. He would also be present with Lee at Appomattox where he was credited with putting up a valiant fight but would urge Lee that it was time to surrender. This is a beautiful and rare view of wise dressed in a large caped overcoat and grasping a matching felt slouch cap. Back marked Rees & Bro, Richmond, Va.

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