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Confederate Lt Lafayette C Cooper of Troup (Georgia) Artillery (Gettysburg Unit)
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Confederate Lt Lafayette C. Cooper of Troup (Georgia) Artillery (Gettysburg Unit) 4PP, 8vo., Nice content Re: General Johnston and whipping the Yankees. ”Whilst young men have everything before them for long, long years, they will bear the yoke of slavery and be annoyed by the clanking of chains of we should be defeated.

Camp near Richmond, May 19

Dear Mother

As the "exempts” will stay home soon I will drop you a few lines. I wrote you a letter a few days ago but so uncertain is the mail that you never received one out of 10. We are near the capital again. This time with the whole army. I have not been in the city yet. Nor do I expect to go. We are expecting orders to move where I can’t say. General Johnston never lets every little general know where he is going. he has conducted our retreat from Yorktown, as well as he does everything else. Whipping the yanks every time they come upon us.Everything is still so far as I know. I cannot even imagine what will be the plan of operations. But that general Johnston will whip them none need fear. He may give up Richmond without a fight. But if he does, it will be because it is for the best. The men yesterday recruited with 70 additional men. We try to give them everything that will render them comfortable until they get back. They didn’t seem to relish the idea of sleeping without tents and for this accommodation we sent a few tarpaulins. The whole army are nearly without tents, and it is by far the best. John is endeavoring to get a furlough, and I think he will be likely to succeed. I want you to procure for me a good wool hat, 6 7/8 or 7 is my number I want it Broad brimmed I am very anxious to hear from Pa but don’t know where he is. You write me he is in Kirby Smith’s brigade, but Smith is a major general, and consequently commands a division, but I will write anyway to him. Before going to the peninsula, We left our baggage at the landing, and a great deal was sent to Petersburg. So I guess mine will be lost as it was sent. I will have my hands full now drilling our new recruits. I drilled them a while this morning. I wish I could get to come home on furlough, but can’t do so. After we whip the Yankees here I will try to get off, but probably we may never return until the hinlings are whipped from our beloved soil. You are wrong in saying none but the big men get the honor from the papers may puff them, but the world knows who does truly deserve the honor. But we are not fighting for honor we are fighting for a holier and noblier cause than any other nation ever engaged in. This country is as dear to me as is General Johnston. His course is well nigh … Whilst young men have everything before them for long, long years, they will bear the yoke of slavery and be annoyed by the clanking of chains if we should be defeated. I think the war is well nigh it’s close. We are whipping them on every side. The world is looking consistently on whether we are likely to be successful. They will give it up if they see we are determined. I will close my love to all. Your affectionate son LC Cooper. Write soon.

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