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James R. Dobbyn 1st D.C. Cav ALS-the Negro cavalry caught fits, lost 30 of their brethren
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James R. Dobbyn 1st D.C. Cav ALS, 2PP front and back, some fold faults, 4to, "There was a skirmish near Suffolk the other day and the Negro cavalry caught fits, lost 30 of their brethren”

Great Bridges

March 13, 1864

Dear Brother,

Your letter came to hand on the 6th of the month and I assure you I was glad to hear from you and also to receive the stamps which are very hard to get at out here. Our company was at Horn Corner when the letter came 10 miles from here doing picket duty. We were out for ten days and were relieved last night. The rebel scouts ran into us there and we had a little scrimmage. Nobody hurt. It is a fine country around here. Everything is cheap. Eggs 25 to 20 cts per dozen, sweet potatoes $1.00 p. bushel. The price of everything is set by the Beast Butler as the rebels call him. There was a skirmish near Suffolk the other day and the Negro cavalry caught fits, lost 30 of their brethren. It is impossible to tell how long we will lay here but that don't make any difference about the folks writing because the letters will be sent to us no matter where we are. We all keep our health there is nobody sick in the company. Tell Harper I got his letter also Joe Taits and will answer them as soon as I get time. I am writing today and washing at the same time. You will have to excuse this writing, spelling, paper, and everything else because I am hard up for materials.

P.S. There is a man in our company by the name of Maisak. His wife lives in a small frame house to the right of Lincoln Hospital. There is a large lot of ground attached to it and it is impossible for him to get home. He asked me to write to father to try and find out what ground was worth down about there and see his wife. He has written to her about his coming to see her about the ground. They both want to sell it but she is afraid somebody will impose on her and give her too small a price for the purpose of speculation. He (Maisak) says there will be a railroad to run near by there to Lincoln Hospital and it will take a raise. He says he will pay you for all your trouble and be satisfied with anything you and his wife do in regard to the matter.

P.S. We expect to be in Washington by the next grass.

Your Affectionate Brother,

Jas. R. Dobbyn

Dinner Time.

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