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Hiram Spafford 16th Vermont, letter with camp news and a sketch of his camp
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Hiram Spafford 16thVermont, 8vo, 4PP pencil letter with camp news and a sketch of his camp. Hiram Spafford fought at Gettysburg later in the year. Signed with last name only.

Camp Near Fairfax C.H. Va. Jan 15 1863

My Dear Sister,

I rec. yours of the 12th last night & very glad to hear from you for I had not heard from you for two weeks. The last letter before this was dated Dec. 30. I have not been very well for a week & have not eat much. I guess I shall come right after a few days. I never was so free from a cold in my life as I am this winter. Mother was afraid that I should get cold & be sick but I guess I shall come home all right when the time comes. The boys have got tents all put up again as they were at camp Vt. that is cut logs & split them, set them in the ground & put the tents on top of them. They make very good houses. I weighed myself today . I found that I weighed 133 lbs in my shirt sleeves. When I was at home I only weighed 125 lbs. I shan't die just yet. There was two died last night, that makes ten in all, eight out of one Co. H. Tho. Carmody has gone to Brattleboro. I sent an overcoat by him & when you get home you look after it. I will write to him & have him send it to S. by express if he does not have a chance to send it any other way. It was a new one. I found it when we were at camp Vt. & thought I would send it home. If I had a chance for I had a good one myself & did not need two. I have drawn a new blanket, I've got two now. Dr. said if we moved he would take if for me & carry it with the Hosp things & in the spring I shall send one of them home & my undershirts & drawers. You spoke of sending me some money well it would be very acceptable for I have to go without apples & everything else. We can buy pies, milk & most everything if we can get any money to pay for them. Apples two for five cents, milk ten cents a quart so you can see my money Mother sent me did not go a great way. I paid one dollar for mending my boots, gave one away, ahad one left. I should like to have you look into our camp & see how we live. You would think it hard but we think we are having a good time & we are (as) long as they will let us alone. Jo went over to the Court House yesterday & has not got back yet. He was Lieut of the guard. Prosper Merrill of Felchville came in camp last night. Frank Putnam was with him, brother too Ed. He said he was in Springfield New Year's & went to the Ball. He lives in Washington. I must close now. From Hiram.

(sketch of his camp on last page)

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