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Admiral Chester W. Nimitz TLS
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Admiral Chester W. Nimitz TLS by the Admiral to Lt. Comdr. Paul Hammond, Office of the Special Naval Observer, American Embassy, London, England. Written about 7 weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

"Navy Department Bureau of Navigation, Washington, D.C., 20 October 1941. Dear Hammond: I have just received from you two envelopes- one, a large one, containing six strategic charts, marked "confidential"and a small envelope containing a number of copies of the Soviet War News.

The receipt of this material is greatly appreciated; and in order that you may be informed of what becomes of this material I turn it over to Admiral Stark, Chief of Naval Operations, for the use of his War Plans Division after I have had an opportunity of examining same.

I hope and believe that you are sending me material of this nature with the full cognizance of Vice Admiral Ghormley. If he has not been consulted in the matter, I think you should so inform him in order that he will know what is being sent to the Navy Department, and because he may possibly wish to send this material via official letter to the Chief of Naval Operations.

I am always glad to receive your communications and find them of great interest. I do not wish, however, for you to get in bad with your boss by sending me official material of an important nature which he, himself, may desire to send direct to the Chief of Naval Operations.

With kindest regards and best wishes for your continued success and happiness, I am, Sincerely yours, C. W. Nimitz
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