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President McKinley And Cabinet
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President McKinley And Cabinet - This Stereo Card by
Underwood & Underwood Publishers out of NY, London,
Toronto, and Ottawa, KS shows nine distinguished gentlemen
sitting around a fine wooden table above which hangs an ornate chandelier. The image is entitled, "President McKinley and his eight chosen advisers - Cabinet Room, Executive Mansion Washington, U.S.A.” The front of the card also has "Works and Studios Arlington, NY, Littleton, N.H, Washington D.C.” stamped. The back of the card lists the cabinet members and reads, "President McKinley sits at the Head of the Cabinet Des. Beginning to the right of the President, and in the order named the members of the Cabinet are as follows: 1. Hon John Ha, Secretary of State, 2. Hon. Elihu Root, Secretary of War. 3 Hon. Charles Emory Smith, Postmaster General. 4. Hon Ethan A. Hitchcock, Secretary of Interior. 5. Hon. James Wilson, Secretary of Agriculture. 6 Hon. John d. Long, Secretary of the Nave. 7. Hon. John W. Griggs, Attorney General. 8. Hon. Lyman J. Gage, Secretary of the Treasury.
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