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Moses Rash Writes Interesting War News About Several Generals.
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Moses Rash writes interesting war news about several Generals.

ALS, 4to, 1 1/3PP Ink.

Wilmington, May 11, 1864

John, I write to you a few lines to let you know that we are all tolerable well at present. I’m going to move on Thursday, one house above the corner of Lumber and fourth Street on the upper side of the way or left-hand side of the street as you go down the street. John, I want Mynes if he can spare the corn to let me have 15 or $20 on Thursday morning. I have to buy the oil cloth on the entry floor and some few more things that we want in the house we would want to know how old Will is and the rest and how Mynes is getting along with his planting, and when he will get ready to plant the House field.

John, there has been the greatest battle spot that has ever been in the world. Grant has licked. Lee and Butler has licked Beauregard and taking the railroad beyond Petersburg, and the city is all burnt down, and it is as large as Wilmington. We are afraid all the Delaware Regiment is all killed Hayes, Greg, and one more of the generals is killed in General Hancock is wounded. We shall hear in a day or two about the matter. Great excitement prevails here. The rebels say they are all done now. Let me hear from you. Yours, Moses Rash.

PS. It is reported that Lee is wounded badly. Butler killed two rebel generals, but I don’t know the names of them.

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